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      In this section you will find all the old news/updates for the TI-99/4A Videogame House. The News Archive is here more or less just to preserve the history of the site, and so people can view its development through the years. Have fun browsing the archives!


O New Game Added: For those of you familiar with the MBX game I'm Hiding, you might want to check out the 3rd party version of the game I'm Hiding - MB Release (Milton Bradley). Even though it plays identical to the TI manufactured version which most are familiar with, this release is by far harder to find. Be sure to click on the cartridge image to see how it differs from the one TI put out. (12/18/08)

O New Game Alert! A new TI game has been uncovered after 25 years! Robotron: 2084 (Atarisoft) which has been missing and never before seen has been unearthed by Bryan Roppolo. This site is the only place on the Internet (for now anyway) where you can view this game. Be sure to check this new discovery out! (12/9/08)

O New Game Added: Wing War (Imagic) has been added to the Videogame House, and according to an internal TI release schedule 12/8/83 was the release date for Wing War. Therefore, it only makes sense to add it to the site today for its 25th anniversary. It's a very unique and interesting game from Imagic that is fun to play once you get the grasp of it. (12/8/08)

O New Game Added: If there are any fans of Tom and Jerry out there, the game A-Maze-Ing (TI) might interest you, or maybe not. Basically, you try and help a mouse escape from a hungry cat (or cats). However, there are a bunch of neat extra features thrown in that make this cartridge more than your typical maze game. (12/1/08)


O The last of the kids MBX games has been added, and that being Soundtrack Trolley (Milton Bradley). It's a fun game where you try to either create music, match tunes with different musicians, or try and play a game of Simon with musical notes. It's a pretty neat game for kids and even older gamers who just like to play with music! (11/21/08)

O The kids game I'm Hiding (Milton Bradley) has been uploaded. It is a simple game of Hide 'n Seek made for kids in mind, but if you like to hunt bugs this might just be the game for you regardless of age! There is one neat thing though that anyone can get a laugh at, and that's what BeBop (the purple bug) says. Click the above link to find out! (11/20/08)

O Following in the footsteps of Return To Pirate's Isle which was added last month is Adventure (Adventure International). This cartridge allows you to play the original 12 Adventure's developed by Scott Adams. Therefore, if you like text adventures then this is a must to have in your collection. (11/16/08)


For anyone that plans on being a pirate this Halloween, you might want to check out the newly added Return To Pirate's Isle (Adventure International). It's a heck of an adventure game and is one of Scott Adam's finest/toughest creations. Highly recommended for any adventure gaming enthusiast! (10/28/08)

O With Halloween coming up, it seemed like a good idea to add a "scary" game to the site. Okay, well maybe Driving Demon (Funware) is not a scary game, but it does have "Demon" in its title! Even though Pole Position by Atarisoft is a better racing game for the TI, you might want to check this one out with Halloween being so close! (10/21/08)

O The rarest released cartridge known for the TI-99/4A has been added to the site, that being the Gamevision Demonstration Cartridge (Milton Bradley). This module came out in 1979 as a way for MB to demo its new line of TI games to consumers in stores. Most stores would have thrown these cartridges out after Milton Bradley stopped making the Gamevision series. However, a few apparently escaped. This is the only known copy that still is around to this day! (10/2/08)


O For an interesting variation on the Frogger theme, check out Princess and Frog (Romox) which has just been added to the site. It might not be nearly as good as the official Frogger port by Parker Brothers, but the fairy tale theme is kind of neat and goes well with the concept of Frogger. (9/30/08)

If you like the arcade game Joust by Williams Electronics, then check out Hen Pecked (Romox). It's a cute little game and has a theme that fits well with Joust. The graphics are also some of the nicest to be found on a TI game, so it's worth a look if just for the nice job by the graphics artist! (9/16/08)

If there are any doctors in the house, here's a game for you. It's called Ambulance (Funware) and involves picking up sick patients and delivering them to the local hospital in a timely manner, all while avoiding cars and trains! This game kind of reminds me of the "overhead map" part of the Ghostbusters game by Activision that came out for a number of systems in the mid 80s. (9/10/08)

JUNE 2008

O If you are into hens or good games you might be interested in this little known gem called Henhouse (Funware). It's a simple yet very challenging and addictive game. Very similar to those well thought out Atari 2600 games where it looks simplistic at first glance, but gets tough very quick. The only problem with this game is that it is hard to find on the 99/4A, but well worth the money if you do run across it! (6/5/08)

MAY 2008

O E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (TI) is now on-line. This was TI's answer to both the popular Frogger arcade hit and Atari's own 2600 E.T. video game. While not anywhere near as good as the official Parker Brothers conversion of Frogger done on the TI-99/4A, you might find this game interesting if you're an E.T. movie fan. (5/26/08)

MARCH 2008

O Nope, we are not dead yet! Just a long while in between updates. Anyway, to get everyone into the Easter spirit the game Rabbit Trail (Funware) has been added to the Videogame House. If you own this game or can play it through emulation you might consider firing it up on Easter Sunday, as it's not only fitting for the mood but also a fun game to play! (3/19/08)


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