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After a long delay in updating the site, there is finally something to holler about! Lasso (SNK Electronics) has been reigned in and is now on-line. This game is a translation of the arcade game (also by SNK) where you have to lasso in your cattle before both them and yourself fall victim to the coyotes and fire breathing prairie dogs (didn't know they could breath out fire!). (9/30/07)


O Added some animated GIF's for games such as Parsec and Alpiner. Expect more live-action screens in the coming weeks for the other popular TI games. Now you can actually see the game in action instead of just a static screen shot, which makes you feel like you are playing the old TI again! (8/11/07)

MARCH 2007

Funware's answer to Atari's 1983 hit Crystal Castles is now on-line. It's none other than Schnoz-Ola (Funware). This page comes complete with screen shots and also images of the original box. Not too many people out there have the original box for this game, so this is a page you might want to stop by and check out. Just be sure you don't get hit by any Ola-Balls on your way! (3/2/07)


O Those out there that enjoy the game The Attack by Milton Bradley will be pleased to hear that an all-new page dedicated to the recently discovered prototype of the The Attack is now on-line. Be sure to check this one out since there is a good bit of trivia as well as sound clips and a description of the differences between the 1980 prototype and the 1981 released version. (2/12/07)


O Happy New Year! To celebrate the ringing in of 2007, the Top 10 TI-99/4A Video Games of 2006 have been posted! The visitors of the TI-99/4A Videogame House voted on what games they liked the best and these were the results. Voting was conducted from January 1 to December 31, 2006 in what is probably the biggest and most accurate poll of TI games to date. See if your favorite made the cut! (1/1/07)


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