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Just in time for Christmas is Treasure Island (Data East), the TI-99/4A port of the arcade original. While the game itself is not Christmas themed, it's tropical setting might bring a nice sense of relief from the bitter cold outside (at least for those living in cold climates). However, for those in Australia and other places south of the equator the setting of the game couldn't be better (since it is the beginning of summer down there)! (12/21/05)


After 2 months without an update, there finally has been a new game added to the site. This time it's Fathom (Imagic)! Considering that it's been 2 months, there needed to be a great game added and Fathom fits that category perfectly. Out of all the Imagic releases on the TI-99/4A, this one is probably the most fun to play. Also, you can check out a review for the Atari 2600 version of the game at the Videogame Critic, a TI-99/4A review will have to be done sometime in the future! (11/4/05)


The best MBX cartridge for the TI-99/4A is now on-line, and that would be Championship Baseball (Milton Bradley)! This game uses all the features that the MBX gaming add-on had to offer: Voice Recognition, Speech Synthesis, Analog Joystick control, the 360° rotation knob, and the Action-Input Keypad! With all these features it's no wonder why people enjoy this game so much! In addition, a review of the game is included on the page. (8/31/05)

Another MBX video game has been added to the site. This time it's Space Bandits (Milton Bradley)! Pretty much all of Milton Bradley's MBX cartridges for the TI-99/4A are a blast to play, so this game should come as a welcome addition to all video game enthusiasts. Just as with the other MBX cartridges, Space Bandits comes complete with a review from Retrogaming Times and is worth reading to get an idea as to what the game is like. (8/28/05)

Following in the footsteps of Tombstone City, another Western has been placed on-line. This time it is Chisholm Trail (TI) which was programmed, interestingly enough, by John Plaster who also did Tombstone City. Apparently he was really into making futuristic Westerns, where you would drive a space ship around the screen and try to blast invading hoards of aliens. Chisholm Trail could almost be thought of as a follow-up to Tombstone City since they share somewhat similar themes and goals. (8/27/05)

Yet another update has been made to the site, this time it's Tombstone City: 21st Century (TI). However, in addition to containing all the normal bits of information (screen shots, manual scans, etc) there is also an actual interview with the programmer of the game taken from 1982. In addition, screen shots of Saguaro City (the beta version of Tombstone City) are also available! Be sure to check out this latest update since it contains some really entertaining info! (8/24/05)

If you're a fan of the ever popular Space Invaders arcade game then look no further than TI Invaders (TI)! TI Invaders is a very faithful clone of the arcade and should please any fan of the Taito original. Considering the popularity of this game on the TI-99/4A, it probably should have been added to the site many months ago but somehow managed to slip by!  (8/21/05)

Yet another MBX game has been uploaded! This time it's Superfly (Milton Bradley), which is actually a sequel to the popular The Attack video game (also put out by Milton Bradley). This sequel offers more than it's predecessor due to all of the bells and whistles that were thrown into the game, especially if played with the MBX gaming add-on. Therefore, if you're a fan of The Attack then be sure to check out Superfly! (8/2/05)

One of the best TI-99/4A games around has been added to the site, that being Bigfoot (Milton Bradley). This Milton Bradley game can be played with the awesome MBX gaming add-on, but is fun to play both with or without the unit connected to the TI console. Included on the Bigfoot page is a review which comes from Retrogaming Times Monthly, and sums up the reasons why the game is so great. Be sure to check this one out, since it's hands down one of the funnest and most liked TI-99/4A games out there. (8/2/05)

The TI-99/4A Videogame House has some TI-99/4A Console Packages For Sale. If you are interested in reliving some childhood memories or are interested in getting a complete system for the first time, send an e-mail to [email protected]. All of these units have been tested and are guaranteed to work. They come equipped with a power supply, RF Modulator (to hook up the unit to your TV set), and a Joystick. These systems are being sold for only $10 each, so place your orders while supplies last! This is a great chance to get into TI gaming quickly and cheaply. (Ongoing) 

The TI-99/4A Videogame House has decided to go a little bit Vegas by adding 2 (the only 2) gambling games to the site. The two cartridges are Video Vegas (Funware) and Blackjack and Poker (Milton Bradley). While they might not be of too much interest to the average gamer, anyone who enjoys card games or gambling might find these entertaining. (8/20/05)

Warning! The latest game to join the Videogame House has a great deal of hop and could jump off of your computer screen at any time. It's none other than the ultimate arcade classic Frogger (Parker Brothers)! Use extreme caution when viewing the Frogger page, as you never know when that little green frog could leap off of the screen and into your lap! (8/1/05)

JUNE 2005

There are some behind-the-scenes updates occurring this week on the TI-99/4A Videogame House. In an effort to include better cartridge images, all the old scans of cartridge labels are being replaced with nice 3D pictures as can be seen on the Alpiner Cartridge Images page. It will take some time to get all the pictures updated, but without a doubt this will be the best collection of  TI-99/4A cartridge images available on the net once complete! (6/27/05)

I'm sure Ms. Pac-Man's pretty happy with the latest addition to the site. That's right, Pac-Man (Atarisoft) has been added and it looks as if the couple is finally back together! Be sure to check them both in action as they gobble and chomp their way to victory against those nasty ghosts. Speaking of ghosts, I wonder if the Ghostbusters could lend them a hand? (6/26/05)

If you enjoy watching the World Cup, then you'll enjoy the latest addition to the TI-99/4A Videogame House. Indoor Soccer (TI) has been added. This 2-player only game allows you to challenge a friend to a soccer match. However, since it is one of the earlier titles for the TI-99/4A (1980/1981), it does not stand out like many of the later releases. Still, if you are interested in playing a game of Soccer on the TI system, this is the best way to go about it. (6/25/05)

After going a month without a site update, there's finally some new activity! Ms. Pac-Man (Atarisoft) is the latest addition to the TI-99/4A Videogame House. Now some of you out there might be wondering why Ms. Pac-Man is being added to the web site before Pac-Man, and the answer to that lies in the fact that Pac-Man's wife never seems to get as much recognition as her husband. Therefore, it's time someone stepped up to the plate and gave her some well deserved appreciation! (6/5/05)

APRIL 2005

Finally it's here! The MBX Gaming Expansion System pages are now on-line. In addition to some nice images and information on the MBX expansion, there is also some original info provided by Mike Langieri (the creator of the MBX!). The MBX, for those of you who don't know, gave video game players on the TI-99/4A the ability to use Voice Recognition, Speech Synthesis, an Action-Input keypad, and 360° Analog Joysticks. It was truly advanced for 1983 and is worth a look today. Many people have considered the MBX one of the must-have's when it comes to classic game playing, so here's your chance to read up on this great device! Here's a bit of trivia: This system was originally supposed to be a stand alone game console to compete with the Intellivision and Atari 2600! This info plus more can be found by visiting these pages. (4/26/05)

MARCH 2005

If you're a fan of Sewer Sam on the Colecovision or Intellivision, be sure to take a look at Sewermania (Milton Bradley). Not only can you continue on your quest exploring the murky depths beneath us, but also it's an MBX game that allows for Voice Recognition, Speech Synthesis, and the use of a 360° Analog Joystick. Playing this game with voice command really adds to the excitement, so check it out! (3/20/05)

The first MBX game has been uploaded to the site, and that's Meteor Belt (Milton Bradley). This game is awesome to play with the special 360° Analog Joysticks the MBX gaming add-on came packaged with, but is also highly recommended to those without an MBX (you'll just have to play the game without the fancy joysticks). One other thing to note is that an entire MBX section should be opening up soon here on the Videogame House, so keep your eyes peeled for the unveiling! (3/18/05)

Another early TI-99/4A cartridge has been uploaded to the site, this time it's Video Games 1 (TI). This cartridge contains 3 simple video games: Pot-Shot, Pinball, and Doodle. While Doodle is the least interesting to play out of the 3, Pinball and Pot-Shot can be fairly entertaining. In a way, Pot-Shot is like the 1979 version of Duck Hunt from the NES. (3/12/05)

Even though the Super Bowl is over, it's never too late to add a Football video game to the website! Therefore, Football (TI) is now part of the Videogame House. This cartridge was one of the earliest releases for the TI-99/4A system (1979) and while the game itself is pretty simplistic, it's not too bad as far as 1979 Football games go. (3/4/05)


Yet another popular cartridge has entered the TI-99/4A Videogame House, and that's Alpiner (TI). If you're a fan of Crazy Climber then check this game out! Instead of scaling up tall buildings, as in Crazy Climber, your goal is to scale the world's 6 tallest mountains while avoiding all types of hazards, including a skiing Abominable Snowman. What more could you ask for! (2/2/05)

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