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Alpiner                                            Alpiner Cartridge

                                                             Alpiner Icon

Nice Kitty!

Watch out! it looks like Mama Bird is angry!

I came, I saw, I conqured!



  . RELEASED:  4Q/1982




Red Speaker Alpiner Theme

Purple Speaker "Onward and Upward"

Blue Speaker "Look Out"...."Heeelp!"

REVIEW:  Grade A: As close and as affordable as I will get to Crazy Climber. A great little game where you must climb up mountains and avoid all kinds of hazards like falling rocks, bears, skunks and even Yeti on skis. What really makes this game great is the speech. Without it, it would be a very good game, but with the taunting it is a great game. When the woman makes fun of you after you have fallen and says something like "Did you mean to do that?", you want to go back and show her by conquering that mountain. I have found myself yelling back at her, a sign that it is either a great game or I am in need of some serious counseling.

                                                                        -Tom Zjaba (Creator of Retrogaming Times / Tomorrow's Heroes)

TOUCAN'S TRIVIA: There are 6 mountains to climb in Alpiner (Hood, Matterhorn, Kenya, McKinley, Garmo, and Everest) and the elevations for each of them in the game are their actual (real world) heights.     

TOUCAN'S TRIVIA: Most people have heard of all the mountains in this game except for Mt. Garmo. Well, a little research shows that Mt. Garmo is actually the original name for Ismoili Somoni Peak in Tajikistan (named in 1998). Back in the early 80's when Alpiner was programmed, the moutain was called Communism Peak and was the highest point in the former USSR. One just has to use a little imagination to understand why the decision was made to go with the original (pre-Soviet) name of the mountain!

TOUCAN'S TRIVIA: Secret Alert! Pressing the buttons "* # *" (in that sequence) on the cartridge's title screen allows the player to choose how many lives he/she wants to start out with (from 1-9) and the level of difficulty (from 1-18). However, the word "Test" is displayed on the bottom left of the screen once this cheat is enabled. Therefore, you will be hard pressed to try and convince your friends that you were able to get to level 18 in Alpiner without cheating! 

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