1982 Blasto Manual
1981 Blasto Manual
European Blasto Manual
Milton Bradley


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Better Watch out for those Mines!

Atari 2600 Combat? Nope, this is Blasto!

MANUFACTURER:  MILTON BRADLEY (Distributed by Texas Instruments)


  . RELEASED:  1Q/1981



TOUCAN'S TRIVIA: This game is a port of the 1978 Sega/Gremlin Arcade game Blasto, making it one of the earliest Sega arcades brought to the home. The game itself is pretty much identical to the Sega/Gremlin original, except for the alteration to the battle vehicles. In the arcade, you "drive" spaceships on a type of space minefield. Apparently, Milton Bradley thought it would make more sense to the public (and perhaps sell more copies) if the game took place on a minefield, where the player would control a tank. Personally, I think the space theme was more unique, but can understand the change that arose most likely due to marketing reasons. Still, a faithful arcade translation by Milton Bradley.
TOUCAN'S TRIVIA: This game would be the first programming job done by Robert S. Harris (AKA RoSHa) before going on to create games for the Odyssey2, his most famous title being the well-known Killer Bees!  According to Bob, this game was first started by Elaine Henshon, but for unknown reasons she stopped working on it. He speculates that the reason for this was because Elaine was busy working on 3 other TI-99/4A titles at the time for Milton Bradley, and could not meet the upcoming deadline for the project if she was working on 4 titles all at once.

TOUCAN'S TRIVIA: Blasto, Hunt The Wumpus, and A-Maze-Ing were all initially going to be bundled on one cartridge. However, programmer Kevin Kenney took these games and added a bunch of extra features to them, turning them into viable stand alone cartridge products. In the end this was a great move by Kevin since all of them went on to become top sellers on the 99/4A system, bringing in more money than what TI would have gotten with an all-in-one watered down combo cartridge.

TOUCAN'S TRIVIA: The European Manual for this game incorrectly states the product number as  PHM 3023, when it should be PHM 3032. As seen in the European manual scan above, someone crossed this error out and fixed it themselves.
TOUCAN'S TRIVIA: Interested in playing an updated version of Blasto right on your own PC? Thanks to a TI-99/4A gaming enthusiast you now can! The revised game is called Blasto 3D and is very faithful to the TI-99/4A conversion of the Sega/Gremlin arcade.  The only sad news is that it is for PC only and not Macintosh. Hopefully in the future it will be ported to the Mac, but for those who use PC's I seriously recommend you download and give this game a try.

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